Our operations extends to facility management and our Facility Management Department covers the needs of facilities delivered to the occupants or tenant in properties under our management and provides them with maximum living comforts as per predefined standards, this includes services related to Property and the tenant who are going to use various up to date services that the property has and we maintain a day to day availability of these services.

Before recommending any plans for a property, we effectively understand what exactly is owned through extensive research. Our complete and detailed understanding of a property evolves from three specific areas:

1. Legal document inspections
2. Physical property review
3. Market analysis

Our Physical inspections, in most cases, takes place following the review of legal documents. Standardized checklists are an effective and efficient means to make certain that no areas are overlooked. Our facility management operations include the following:-
We oversee owner-occupied buildings or spaces for specific tenants in leased buildings.

1. Maintains building systems.
2. Coordinates space use and layout.
3. Facilitates moves and reconfiguration. 
4. Manages a facility staff and delegates work orders as needed.
5. Makes sure the building and each space within support the owner’s mission by providing a safe, comfortable place to work.
6. Keeps building equipment and infrastructure functional and efficient.
7. Conducts basic troubleshooting with equipment problems to determine when an issue can be fixed by the in-house facilities team vs. when it’s necessary to bring in a specialist.