1. Where is Grace Island Estate?
Grace Island Estate is situated at Okun Mapo Ajah, behind Abraham Adesanya.

2. Who is the developer of Grace Island Estate?
GraceMade Homes and Properties Company Ltd.

3. Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the tenure?
Grace Island Estate is designed for outright and installmental payments.

4. Where can I be allocated my plot?
Allocation of plot is effect 24 hours after confirmation of your full payment.

5. Can somebody pay on my plot?
You are permitted to instruct anyone to pay on your behalf, provided that bank deposit slip( in the case of payment into account) is in suscribe’s name, failure to which GraceMade Home and Property will not be obliged to subsequently register the payment in the subscriber’s name.

6. What other payment do i pay apart from the payment of the land?
Survey Fee N350,000 (Subject to review) Documentation N250,000 (Subject to review) Development fee (will be determined later)

7. What will the development fee be used for?
For the provision of infrastructural facilities within the estate.

8. When am I expected to pay my development fees?
You are expect to pay your development fee 3 months after you have paid all payables (for the land, survey and documentation) and you have taken physical possession of your plot.

9. What facilities shall be available in the estate?
Perimeter fencing. Good road network, green beds, street lighting. Electricity, security, post, recreation center.

10. Is the development fee paid at once?
Yes, but you can also pay installmentally.

11. What is the size of a plot at Grace Island Estate?
120ft by 60ft (648sqm)

12. What happens if a lesser or bigger plot is allocated to me?
In case of a bigger or lesser plot, a sum of equivalent to the size of shortage or excess multiplied by price per square meters will be refunded or demanded.

13. Is there group Allotment?
Yes, group allotment is permissible in the case of registered co-operative societies or companies or such other association as are permissible in the eyes of GraceMade Home and Property Company.

14. Am I allowed to leave my allocated plot underdeveloped for as long as I care?
Subscribers are expected to commerce appreciable development of their properties within 6 months of receiving their letters of allocation. 15. Can I commence development on my plot before I conclude payment of the development fee?
Subscriber are encouraged to commerce development on their plot(s) before conclusion pf payment of development fee.

16. Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?
Allotees are encouraged to take possession and develop their plot(s) within a year of allocation in order to control weeds, also in case where the land is un-kept, the operator will keep the land tidy and expense.

17. Can I build any design of my choice?
Yes, but provision of shop(s) in residential house(s) and building of tenement house type( popularly known as face me-face you) are not permitted.

18. Am I allowed to put lockup shops infront on my house?
No! there is a dedicated zone for commercial activities.

19. Is there any encumberance on the land?
We are proud to say that the land free from every known government acquisition or interest and no adverse claimant i.e “NO OMO ONILE WAHALA’.

20. Who sees to the maintenance of the Estate?
GraceMade Home & Property Company Ltd.

22. What happens in case of over subscription?
This rarely happens because we keep a good record of our subscription, but in case this happens you will be allocated in other scheme.

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