Land banking is an aspect in the real estate also practiced by GraceMadeHomes and Properties Limited, this sector has existed generally for decades and yet known by few and these few have recognized land banking as a golden goose yet explored. The very few that have preceding knowledge about land banking, has made from it a lifelong wealth. Land banking is a real estate investment scheme that involves buying large blocks of undeveloped land. Land banking is the process of securing future real estate development sites at today’s prices. Today’s prices are foreseen to be lower than what they will be in the future. Accordingly investors hope to profit by selling or developing their already secured land for greater profits down the line.

Rather than saving your cash in the bank where you make like 3% in a year, we give an opportunity to store your cash on landed properties where you can get between 50% to over 100% within few years when you intend to sale your already purchased land.

For any investor who which to invest in land banking with GraceMade Homes and Properties, it is desirable to note that we are very acquainted with highlights on how to spot a good investment opportunity, when to buy a land, when to sell, when to develop etc. we are one of the few large real estate development companies that engage in land banking. Our company buys vacant land, farms and other Greenfield sites to add to our existing portfolios. This practice enables us to have a ready stock of land for any future property developments.

It is important to note that land banking is an investment strategy open not just to large property development companies, but can also be done by smaller private investors. The only difference being, that smaller investors would be acquiring smaller parcels of land: due to obvious capital constraints. Land banking involves investing a fixed amount of money for a period of time and enjoying high returns on investment after a period of time.

I suppose – but what about the long-term? What about retirement? What kind of fall backs do you have when (not if) the stock market crashes? Think 10, 20 or even 30 years from now – what will real estate look like then, and what decisions should you be making TODAY to make the most of the future?

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